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Local environmental consultancy firm Ecology Resources undertook a site assessment in winter 2020, uncovering evidence of some of the different kinds of wildlife that call the canal home.  

As you would expect, numerous water fowl are to be found – from ducks and moorhens at the Springfield end to a regular pair of nesting swans at Ashwell. The swans are well-known to visitors, building a large nest each year and often raising their brood in clear sight of the towpath.

Across the bypass from Springfield, marshy sections of the canal contain both Jelly Ear Fungus and King Alfred Cakes Fungus, and there are signs of woodpecker activity. As we head north away from town, signs of roosting bats, hedgehogs, kingfishers, badgers and roe deer quickly become apparent. In the water there are freshwater mussels, as well as Tench, Bream, Perch, Carp and Rudd, thanks to recent restocking by Oakham Angling Society.

These are just a few of the many animals, flora and fauna currently found around the canal. Oakham Canal Green Corridor Project aims to sympathetically support and enhance these animals' habitats, as well as to encourage other wildlife to make their home here over the coming years, through careful environmental management and stewardship.

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