We currently have several new volunteer roles available for summer 2021. Scroll down for more information. 

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We are currently looking for volunteer Rangers to help us monitor and care for the canal environment. The work will involve:​

•  Litter picking ​

•  Identifying and reporting maintenance issues.

•  Providing information about the project to the public.

•  Minor trimming of vegetation to keep the footpaths clear.

Being a Ranger is a great way to stay fit and enjoy the countryside. There are no fixed hours - do what you can when you can. We will give you plenty of support and provide all the equipment and training you need. If you are interested in becoming a Ranger, please email us.


We have been honoured by the amount of people offering to volunteer with us - it's brilliant to see such support for the project.

With such a lot of interest, we urgently need someone who can join us as a trustee to help co-ordinate our volunteers.

The work would involve:

  • Create a volunteer database listing skills and general availability.

  • Help organise work parties and coordinate volunteers beforehand.

  • Devise ideas to keep volunteers engaged.

  • Ideally you'd have experience of working with young people and children, bringing fresh ideas for their involvement in the project.

The role can be as little as a few hours a month, and is fully flexible. If you are interested, please get in touch for a chat.


We recently received funding to replace the steps and fencing at the entrance to the canal north of Burley Road. These steps are extremely uneven and pose a danger to the public.

We will soon start work to clear the undergrowth, remove the current steps and put in place a temporary set, before resetting the stones and replacing the fencing. We would love support from anyone who has experience in landscaping, groundworks or fencing, or who is just happy to come along and get their hands dirty - please get in touch if that's you!




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